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Copper Roof Drains

Bottom Outlet Roof Drain - Copper Roof DrainsBottom Outlet Roof Drain - RD3TN - Thunderbird Products
Bottom Outlet Roof Drain
Side Outlet Roof Drain - Copper Roof DrainsSide Outlet Roof Drain - RDHZ4NH - Thunderbird Products
Side Outlet Roof Drain
Separate Overflow Drain - Copper Roof DrainsSeparate Overflow Drain - OF4NH - Thunderbird Products
Separate Overflow Drain

Buy Copper Roof Drains From Thunderbird Products

At Thunderbird Products, we are proud to design and manufacture a selection of copper roof drains designed for residential and commercial roofs. Made from elegant, rust-proof copper, the copper roof drains in our inventory are both aesthetically-appealing and entirely water-resistant. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. Learn more about the necessity of quality roof drainage and the superiority of copper roof drains below, and shop our selection of copper roof drain products here.

Why Your Property Needs Quality Roof Drainage

Your roof is the first line of defense between your property and precipitation. Without assistance from a quality drainage system, your roof will eventually lose its battle with moisture, as standing water left over from rain and snow will waterlog and weigh-down your roof, leading to structural damage and greatly increasing the risk of collapse. To prevent this from happening, it’s vital to invest in quality roof drainage. This starts with roof drains, which are designed to collect water and send it through gutters to be dispersed away from your property. Roof drains not only keep your roof dry — they help your property’s drainage system offload water to protect your walls and foundation from water damage. In the long run, they can save you money and precious peace of mind.

Why You Should Choose Copper Roof Drains

While there are a number of roof drains available on the market today, not all drain products perform to the same degree of effectiveness or uphold the same standard of durability. In fact, many roof drains made from low-quality plastics or lesser-grade metals are subjects to cracking and corrosion. These damages lead to ineffective drainage and reduced aesthetic appeal. For a solution that won’t wear down and will look like new year after year, copper drains are the easy choice. Copper is 100% rust-resistant — the ultimate choice for any fixture responsible for moving water. Copper is also incredibly durable, resistant to breaking, and easy to clean. Plus, when combined with professional craftsmanship, copper becomes an elegant accent to any property.

Ordering Options for Copper Roof Drain Products at Thunderbird Products

If you are looking for high-quality copper roof drains to install on your roof, there is no better place to buy than right here at Thunderbird Products. By ordering directly from our industry-leading manufacturers, you can choose from a wide selection of copper roof drain sizes and styles, all backed by superior craftsmanship and affordable prices. We carry copper roof drain products for all areas of the roof. Some of our most popular selections include our Bottom Outlet Roof Drain, Through Wall Parapet Drain, and our Separate Overflow Drain, each available in a number of sizes to roofs large and small. Find these products and more below.