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Deck Drains


Buy Deck Drains From Thunderbird Products

Keep your deck dry year-round with durable and high-performing deck drains from our trusted manufacturers here at Thunderbird Products. Our deck drains are made from stainless steel and copper materials to ensure optimal rust-resistance, lasting durability, unparalleled performance, and versatile aesthetic appeal. They’re an excellent choice for decks of all sizes and styles. Learn more about the many advantages of our deck drains below, and order yours direct from our manufacturers here.

Why You Need a Deck Drain

Your deck is an outdoor area for friends, family, and guests to gather. As an outdoor area, your deck is subject to the elements year-round. This includes moisture from rain and snow, which can quickly damage your deck if it’s left to sit after precipitation. This especially true for decks made of wood, which can become waterlogged and sustain damage from standing water. Standing water can also lead to mold, fungus, and mosquitoes, all of which can pose health risks to those on your property. All of these unwanted water-related effects can be avoided with the installation of a deck drain. A quality deck drain will collect standing water on your deck and remove it through your drainage system, keeping your deck as dry as possible — even in inclement weather. Installing a deck drain in your deck will lengthen its lifespan, prevent waterlogging, and stop pests from showing up due to standing water. 

The Superiority of Copper and Stainless Steel Deck Drains

Every deck should have a deck drain. However, not every deck drain is created equal. Some deck drains are made from low-grade metals or flimsy plastics that are prone to cracking as decks settle and rusting due to prolonged exposure to moisture. Often, these drains look just as bad as they perform. For aesthetically-pleasing and reliable alternative, copper and stainless steel deck drains are excellent choices. Made from materials that are strong and rust-resistant, copper and stainless steel deck drains will last for life with proper care. Plus, these materials look great on both wood and metal decks —perfect for homes and businesses of all kinds.

Copper and Stainless Steel Deck Drains Options at Thunderbird Products

At Thunderbird Products, we proudly design and manufacture a wide range of stainless steel and copper deck drains in a number of sizes and styles to fit any deck. Our manufacturers use the highest-grade metals backed by experienced craftsmanship to ensure lasting performance and aesthetical appeal across all of our products. In our inventory below, you’ll find both square and circular deck drains with copper drain bodies for seamless installation on any deck surface. The bulk of our deck drains are available to order in either copper or stainless steel with different options for strainer materials, including nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished steel. Explore our collection of residential and commercial deck drains below to find the perfect fit for your deck.