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Drain Grates

5" x 5" Square Tile Insert Grate - Drain Grates5" x 5" Square Tile Insert Grate
Overflow Strainer / Cover - Drain GratesOverflow Strainer / Cover
Overflow Strainer / Cover
Round & Square 8" Grate - Drain GratesRound & Square 8" Grate - A-8-Thunderbird Products, Inc. - Thunderbird Products
Round & Square 8" Grate
Grate Extender - Drain GratesGrate Extender - A-GREX-2" No Hub - Thunderbird Products
Grate Extender
Round & Square 2" Threaded Grate - Drain Grates
IODON Snap-In Strainer-Grate - Drain GratesIODON Snap-In Strainer-Grate - A-IOD4 - Thunderbird Products
Flat Grate - Drain GratesFlat Grate - A-FLATGRATE - Thunderbird Products
Flat Grate
Plastic Dome Strainer (ABS) - Drain GratesPlastic Dome Strainer (ABS)

High-quality drain grates from Thunderbird Products

Having a high-quality, durable drainage system is essential for any building.

Compromising the quality of drains can lead to multiple sorts of drainage issues, leading to indirect costs on upkeep. At Thunderbird Products, we design and manufacture industry-standard commercial and residential drain grates. Our wide range of product catalogs includes metal grates in all shapes and sizes.

Our metal grates are made from high-grade stainless steel, aluminum, and other industry-standard metal alloys. It ensures the longevity of our drainage grates, making them usable for decades. We have the best trench grates that you can install in your driveway, garden, or other outdoor areas to avoid water accumulation.

Why should you buy high quality metal drain grates?

Drain grates carry water out of your home, and it is important to ensure that their quality does not hamper the flow of water in your drainage system. Low-quality drain grates often lead to clogging, and you might have to bring a plumber to your house frequently to keep a check on these clogging issues. To avoid unnecessary costs, you should opt for the best option available to you.

How to choose the right drainage grate for your requirements?

Drain grates come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, material quality, and load capacity. Every drainage grate is suitable for specific use cases, and thus, you can choose multiple options for installation in different locations. For example, a trench grate may be useful in your driveway, and a roof drain is great for protecting your roof. Thunderbird Products provides superior-quality drainage grates, plus deck drains, parapet drains, roof drains, and more. You can select the ones that fit right in the available space or the one that matches your interior designs.