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Shower Drains

Shower Floor Drain - Shower DrainsShower Floor Drain - SD3NH-SQTG - Thunderbird Products
Shower Floor Drain

Buy High-Quality Shower Drains From Thunderbird Products

Are you looking for the best shower drain? At Thunderbird Products, we always bring you the best shower drain collection that adds a touch of elegance and goes long into the future. From round or square to linear shower drains, we have you covered for your next project.

Regardless of where your bathroom drain is located, our diverse shower drain types allow you the freedom to select the best fit for your project. Whether you're looking to have a shower drain that doesn't snap, clog easily, or rust, and at the same time improves your bathroom's aesthetics, Thunderbird Products have all your needs covered.

With many years of offering top-quality industry products, we are distinguished as the industry leader in designing and manufacturing robust stainless steel, and copper-made shower drains that fit seamlessly into any shower floor.

Since we understand a perfect shower drain is vital for your bathroom, our stainless steel-made shower drains are highly durable and easy to clean. More interestingly, it won't rust or wear out quicker than expected.

How To Select The Best Drain For Your Bathroom

Are you wondering what the best drain for your bathroom will look like? Typically, the type of shower drain solutions you need will depend on the drainage of your bathroom, finishes, and fixtures. Whether you want a rectangular drain or a linear drain, our shower drain solutions can be used seamlessly with any waterproofing method.

Opt for Thunderbird's shower floor drain or stainless steel shower floor drain that fits your grit. You can also shop a wide range of linear drains that can fit impressively in any shower floor size.

Some of the Thunderbird's options for linear drainage include:

  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Linear Thin Membrane Drain.
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain (Trench & Grate Only)
  • Linear Shower Drain with Stainless Steel Drain Body
  • Linear Shower Drain with Copper Drain Body
  • Linear Shower Drain (Trench and Grate Only)

Our superior drains have a square plate that blends seamlessly with your shower floor finish. If your flooring is tile, the piece blends well with small square tiles, giving your shower room a sleek and timeless look. If all you want is a linear drain, our options blends harmoniously with larger tiles giving your shower room a sleek and expansive look.

Why Thunderbird Products Shower Drain is Essential for your Home

At Thunderbird Products, we are proud to be an industry leader in offering highly durable and fashionable shower drains that stand the test of time. Our steel and copper-made products are easy to customize to give your shower floor the type of finish you want and are extremely durable. They are also easy to clean, keeping them highly functional to actively draining away water and keeping your shower floor dump-free.

Reduce callbacks with our durable, reliable shower drains. Our handcrafted shower drains are designed for fast, efficient installations without sacrificing quality. We use superior-quality materials (right here in the U.S.A.) to make sure your next project stands the test of time.