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Stainless Steel Roof Drains


Buy Stainless Steel Roof Drains From Thunderbird Products

When water strikes your roof, you need high-quality drainage hardware to move it away and keep your property dry. For optimal functionality and lasting durability, there are few better choices than stainless steel roof drains. Resistant to rust and weathering, stainless steel is of the strongest and best-looking metals on the market today. It’s the perfect material for exterior roof drains that deal with water season after season. At Thunderbird Products, we proudly manufacture a selection of high-quality stainless steel roof drains for residential and commercial roof drains of all sizes and styles. Learn more about the importance of roof drains, the advantages of stainless steel, and the many options in our inventory below.

Roof Drainage: An Essential Part of Every Property

Roof drains are essential for keeping water off your roof and preventing damage to your property. Without proper drainage, water from precipitation will pool on rooftops, eventually posing serious structural risks due to added weight and waterlogging. Roof drainage systems prevent this from happening by moving water off of roofs, into gutters, and away from properties. This process not only protects roofs—it also protects the sides and walls of a building. By investing in quality roof drainage, you can keep your property and those inside safe from outdoor water damage, saving yourself time, money, and energy in the long run.


Stainless Steel: An Excellent Roof Drain Material

Roof drains are indispensable parts of any roof drainage system. When choosing a roof drain for your roof, you want to be sure and settle on a product that works the way its supposed to and lasts for season after season. Roof drains made from low-quality metals and plastics are prone to cracking, corrosion, and deterioration from water damage and other weathering. This leads to a decrease in performance and aesthetic appeal, ultimately necessitating replacements. Stainless steel is a highly-durable and rust-resistant material built to last a lifetime. Stainless steel roof drains can sustain seasons of intensive use while still working and looking like new, helping property owners avoid costly and time-consuming replacements while keeping their roofs dry. When it comes to quality roof drainage, there is simply no better choice.

Ordering Options for Stainless Steel Roof Drain Products at Thunderbird Products

Searching for stainless steel roof drains to add to your roof? At Thunderbird Products, we have your solutions. Our industry-leading manufacturers have crafted an extensive selection of stainless steel roof drains for roof spaces of all sizes, styles, and configurations. In our stainless steel roof drain inventory, you’ll find products like our Stainless Steel Insert Roof Drain, designed for watertight installation in any roof and available in 2”, 3” and 4” pipe sizes. You’ll also find parapet scupper drains like our Stainless Steel Scupperand drainage accessories including grates, strainers, and coupling components. Search our inventory to find the perfect stainless steel products for your roof drainage system, and save by ordering directly from our manufacturers here.