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Scupper Drain

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Roof Scuppers made out of Copper and Stainless Steel. Four sizes to choose from. Spout length is 10". All joints are soldered creating a stronger and weatherproof seal. Available in bonderized steel.

Part Numbers
PS32 3W" x 2H" Scupper Drain
PS43 4W" x 3H" Scupper Drain
PS44 4W" x 4H" Scupper Drain
PS44C 4W" x 4H" Corner Scupper Drain
PS64 6W" x 4H" Scupper Drain
Also available in Bonderized or Galvanized Steel. Prefix part number with "B-" or "G-". Example: "B-PS32" or "G-PS32", etc...

Scupper Drains From Thunderbird Products

Water is the enemy of roofs everywhere. Standing water left behind after precipitation can lead to waterlogging stress on a roof from excessive weight — both of which can cause severe damage. If your roof has side walls, it likely has scuppers to drain water away and prevent pooling. To ensure that your scuppers connect with your drainage system and work the way they’re supposed to, it’s important to invest in quality scupper drains to fit inside your scuppers and collect water. At Thunderbird Products, we design and manufacture high-quality scupper drains for homes and businesses of all sizes and styles. We manufacture our scupper drains from copper and stainless steel materials to ensure lasting durability and corrosion resistance capable of handling even the most demanding high-precipitation conditions. Learn more about scupper drains below, and order industry-leading hardware here.

What Do Scupper Drains Do?

A scupper is an opening in the side walls of a roof designed to drain water. Without scuppers, roof with side walls will retain water after precipitation, which can lead to excess weight and waterlogging, both of which can cause massive damage to any property. To function properly, scuppers require scupper drains to collect water and move it off of a roof, into gutters, and ultimately away from a property altogether. Scuppers drains allow roofs with walls to stay dry after excess precipitation. Installing them on your roof will help protect your investment from water damage and help keep your residents safe.

Why Choose Copper or Stainless Steel?

When choosing scupper drains for your home or business, you want to invest in quality drainage hardware designed to perform and built to last. Scupper drains made from low-quality plastic or lesser grade metals are prone to corrosion and cracking, meaning they’ll likely have to be replaced every few years depending on the conditions. Stainless steel and copper scupper drains, on the other hand, are resistant to rust and cracking. With proper care, these materials can hold up for a lifetime of sustained use without showing any signs of wear. In addition to performing well and looking great on any building, copper and stainless steel scupper drains have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and ideal for detracting pests.

Scupper Drain Options

If you are searching for high-quality stainless steel and copper scupper drains, there is no better place to shop than right here at Thunderbird Products. When you order directly from our trusted manufacturers, you get access to some of the world’s finest hardware at some of the industry’s lowest prices. Shop our selection of scupper drains for products like our standard Scupper Drain, available in 2"x 3", 3"x 4", 4"x 4", 4"x 6", and 4"x 4" sizes with a 10” spout. All joints on this high-quality scupper drain are soldered creating a stronger, weatherproof seal. Don’t see the size you want? Custom configurations are available upon request. Contact us to learn more, and order your drainage hardware direct from our trusted manufacturers here at Thunderbird Products today.

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