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Roof Drains


What you need to know about roof drains

At Thunderbird Products, we are proud to be the leaders in designing and manufacturing various roof drains for commercial and residential roofs.

Our roof drains are made of high-quality industry-grade copper, stainless steel, andTPO or PVC, that ensure the utmost longevity & maximum performance regardless of where they are installed.

Whether you’re planning for a medium-scale or large-scale roofing project, we offer a wide range of roof drains, with design and materials tailored to your specific needs.

Why roof drains are essential to your property

The roof drain is an essential component of every property due to its primary role of protecting your property from moisture damage. But without the proper drainage system, your roof’s ability to keep your structure free from moisture damage could soon be compromised by the stagnant water from rain and snow. The extra pressure on your roof caused by accumulating water over time could cause serious structural damage and eventually a collapse of the entire roof. And that’s why investing in our unique, durable roof drains pays off almost immediately.

Standing water can pose serious structural risks to any roof. That’s why it’s important to install quality drainage to remove water quickly after precipitation. All roof drainage systems need roof drains to collect water and send it down gutters to be removed from the property. If you are looking for high-quality, durable roof drains for your residential or commercial roof, Thunderbird Products has your solution. We design and engineer a wide range of TPO/PVC and metal roof drains to fit properties large and small, all proudly made here in the U.S.A.

Our entirely water-resistant and aesthetically appealing roof drains are designed to effectively collect water from the roof and send it right to the gutters or sewer, from where the water is channeled away without damaging your property walls and foundation.

Read on to learn more about the importance of roof drains and the advantages of our products below, and contact us today to speak with the manufacturer directly.

What do roof drains do?

When water lands on your roof after precipitation, it becomes a time-sensitive threat to the safety and structural integrity of your property. Standing water can weigh down and waterlog roofs, increasing the risk of collapse and necessitating expensive repairs. By installing drains in your roof, you can remove water quickly to prevent damage and greatly reduce the risk of collapse. Roof drains are also essential first steps in all drainage systems, which are designed to keep water away from all areas of a property, including the walls and foundation. Installing roof drains in your property will help keep your property free of water, improving its condition and extending its lifespan.

How to choose roof drains

When choosing roof drains for your property, it’s important to select products that provide adequate drainage with lasting durability and optimal aesthetic appeal. At Thunderbird Products, our industry-leading manufacturers offer an extensive selection of roof drains in a number of sizes and styles, each engineered for excellent performance. We use the highest-quality materials and the latest manufacturing equipment to create drainage solutions designed for optimal functionality and lifetime durability.

Shop for roof drains online

Ranging from commercial bottom outlet drains, stainless steel bottom outlet drains to PVC or TPO stainless steel side outlet roof drains, our products are built to last for a lifetime under good maintenance. Browse our selection of roof drains, and check out our Copper Roof Drains and Stainless Steel Roof Drains pages to explore our best-in-class roof drainage products.